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There are many lakes around, suitable for bathing, fishing and canoeing. Especially the lake Rinnen, with many islands, creeks and narrow passages is ideal for canoeing. The best way to enjoy the longish Fryken (about 100 km long, but only up to 4 km wide) is by a train-ride on the Fryksdalsbanan which is often called Sweden´s most beautiful railway, to Sunne or better to Torsby, or on a boat-trip on the historical steamship Freja af Fryken. Freja sank in 1896 and was taken up in 1994 and restored with love and idealistic work.

In Västra Ämtervik, beautifully situated at Fryken, you find the nearest shop, which has got almost anything you can need, as well as the Restaurant Sillegården in its historical building. Often there are also arts and crafts exhibitions.

In Sunne there are lots of activities and facilities for vositors in summer (hotels, camping, bathing-paradize "Sunne Vattenpark", music-,and theatre arrangements). In winter it is a ski-centre. You can stroll, shop, dine or go to a coffee-house. Nearby is Mårbacka, the home of the writer Selma Lagerlöf ("Gösta Berling", "Nils Holgersson's journey"). The mansion Rottneros (Ekeby in Lagerlöf`s "Gösta Berling") is worth a visit, with a famous park with sculptures and a small zoo with wolves and lynxes.

Not far away is Brunskog, where "Gammelvala" takes place every year by the end of July. For one week, life in Värmland 100 years ago is presented, working technics and handicrafts, the village-school, a steam-operated saw-mill, a smoking charcoal stack etc.

There is a lot more to do and see in Värmland. For more information, contact the tourist information centres (www.varmland.org).