Gunnar and Britt Nilsson,
Getmossen Där Öst, 66592 Kil, Tel. +46-554-21050 gunnar@getmossen.se



"RID i GETMOSSEN" is authorized for tourism with horses. The farm has qualified for the criterions set up by LRF (Lantbrukarnas Riksförbund, the Swedish Farmers Association) and controlled by Konsumentverket (Swedish consumer protection authority) concerning development of quality and safety in horse-tourism.

The horses are quiet, well ridden and familiar with each other, but they are living beeings and a 100 % safety can never be guaranteed. With some simple measures uncertainty and accidents can be avoided.

You always ride with a leader. Before setting off, there is a short introduction and saddle and rider are checked. Of course the instructions of the tour-leader are always to be followed.

All participation is on your own risk. The enterprise has a basic insurance, but everyone who deals with horses should have a personal accident insurance.

A riding helmet is compulsory and can be borrowed on the farm.

Solid shoes or boots are important. In no case may sandals or similar shoes be used (danger of being stepped by a hoof).

Tight trousers are recommended - never shorts - to avoid sores and bites from gadflies.
A longsleeved shirt (even if it is a hot summerday) protects against gadflies and twigs.

A cross-country-ride in rainy weather can be a wonderful experience if you wear good rainclothes!